Meet the team. 

Team Photo.jpg

Jonno Searle

chief designer, camera operator, drone pilot

The genius behind all of our custom-built rigs, is Jonno! He thrives on designing & building just about anything you can imagine, and is our tech guru onset, known to some as the gimble whisperer.  Jonno is also highly skilled as a camera operator and drone pilot, having over 14 years drone-flying experience. Jonno is the ultimate on set companion, known by many for his contagious laugh and can-do attitude.


Wesley Green

chief drone pilot, dragon arm operator 

If it's airborne, Wesley is your man! We know him as the passionate and creative drone pilot, who lives and breathes flying cameras. Not only do we boast about his unmatched piloting skills, which have been established over the last 17 years during his drone flying experience, we also love him for bringing the "gees" to our team. He forms an integral part of the big picture when developing and building custom-rigs, as well as understanding and translating creative requirements into reality on set. .


Tammy Green

manager, team producer

She keeps the props spinning and the cogs turning. Tammy represents the face of Big Bird when it comes to all things client related. She is commended for her client service skills, and coming from an advertising background, she brings her invaluable understanding of production to the team. All legal technicalities around operating drones is also managed by her, ensuring we are always compliant with the laws in South Africa. If you want something done, give it to Tam! 


Heyn Andrag

dragon arm driver, air safety officer, workshop manager 

Our kindhearted-drifter, diesel-head and afrikaans all-rounder. His skills vary from being the dedicated, certified advanced driver for our Dragon Arm, to getting his hands dirty in the workshop when bringing our custom designs to life. We know him as dependable and knowledgeable, and there is certainly no job that is too tough for this man! When rubber meets the road, Heyn's behind the wheel - and with him in our circle of exceptional peeps, we are unstoppable.

Duncan Photo.jpg

Duncan Walker

HEAD of camera department, camera operator & drone pilot 

When it comes to anything camera related, Duncan is at the front line. He may be quiet at times, but he’s feisty & focused behind the sticks. He has a distinct finesse when operating, and portrays himself as focused with an impressive delicacy and skill. He’s an all-rounder at Big Bird, as he fulfils multiple roles including camera operating, editing, piloting and managing all our in-house camera equipment: which means he is involved in every key department. Dependable and polite are two of many of his commendable qualities, and combined with all of the above, he fits in perfectly with the bigger picture.